Cheryl Archer

Professional Business and Executive Coach

Cheryl has over 30 years of experience as a CEO, corporate executive, consultant and trainer in highly competitive industries including motorsports, biotech, food and beverage, and aerospace.

Her passion is to help women leaders translate their business goals and ideas into operational reality. Using a holistic approach she helps business owners and executives improve their ability to build collaborative, trusting, and motivating work environments for their employees. She coaches leaders to realize their full potential, fulfill their professional and personal visions for the future, and produce unprecedented breakthrough results.

Cheryl is passionate about women leaders’ success in business and enjoys partnering with her clients, creating a thought-provoking process that inspires, motivates, and empowers. Her high energy and positive attitude allows her to connect and build deeper and stronger relationships. Her approach creates an environment that leads to self-awareness and discovery, which in turn leads to achievement.

Cheryl’s unique and personal one-on-one approach helps clients to achieve their personal and business goals faster than they could ever do on their own. She is the right coach for those who truly want fulfillment and satisfaction in their lives and in their businesses.


  • Co-developed and delivered leadership training to women in the safety, health and environment industry via webinars, local workshops and national conferences.
  • Engaged with dozens of senior leaders, guiding them to achieve superior business goals such as leadership, sales and business growth, profitability, and market share expansion.
  • Conducted strategic planning sessions with over 20 client companies in various industries, establishing key strategic initiatives, action plans, initiative owners, key performance indicators and a management review process.
  • Utilized strategic planning to develop and implement a five-year business plan and budget supporting 40% EBITDA growth in a high end motorsport manufacturing company.
  • Senior consultant on large scale change initiative for a manufacturing company with three facilities. Provided strategic planning and employee engagement
  • Provided leadership and direction to a team of consultants engaged in the deployment of an organization-wide change model to over 50 client companies in the aerospace, biotech, software and construction industries.
  • Developed and led organizational change initiative to drive smooth transition from privately held, USA owned company to publicly traded, European owned division of a global company.
  • Successfully developed relationships with all levels of the organization to reduce resistance to change and help management create the structures to follow up and ensure implementation and sustainment of change, and proficiency to ensure that project/business goals are achieved
  • Led a strategic initiative project team in a global biotech company that reduce new product development introduction cycle time by 50%.
  • Drove the operational planning and successful execution of new product introductions in a global manufacturing company from 20% of sales to 40% to exploit market growth opportunities.
  • Co-developed and supported delivery of a High Performance Work System to a leading manufacturer and retailer that included leadership and self-directed work teams’ development, change management and creation of a new compensation/incentive structure.
  • Developed and executed a strategic workforce development plan with a leading manufacturer that led to the implementation of continuous improvement teams, demand flow-based production lines and work in process reduction in excess of $2M in less than six months.
  • Used organizational and employee assessment data to develop workforce development programs and standard work that improved employee performance, commitment, and motivation.
  • Developed and executed a corporate succession planning process increasing the number of succession pool candidates by 20% in six months.
  • Led a strategic project team for an organization-wide employee development plan which changed the organizational structure from traditional departmental functions to project teams which resulted in over $4M in cost savings, increased market share from 9% to 14% and reduced operational costs by over 20%.